Working with individuals, teams and organisations to create healthy high performance

Coach, facilitator and trainer

Hi, I’m Kim. I work with individuals, teams and organisations to create healthy high performance. I also design and create work environments where everyone can be at their absolute best more often. My services include organisational development, leadership facilitation, culture change, coaching and management development.

If you are an individual in a new role or someone who wishes to develop their own inner belief and confidence, it’s worth a conversation to see how I can help. I also support clients considering their future career and direction, helping with meaning-making, motivation and finding a ‘zest’ for life.

Are you a leader looking for ways to engage your whole workforce? I can help you create great workplaces and achieve healthy, high performance in yourself and across your organisation.

Organisational development consultant

Working together toward great outcomes

It’s always my wish to create effective and sustainable solutions with my clients. I’ll work collaboratively with you to deliver great outcomes to your organisation and the people involved.

If you’re a chief executive, director, head of service, manager or member of a multi-agency partnership board, and need another set of eyes and hands for a challenge you’re facing, it’s worth booking a discovery call with me.

Perhaps you’re new to role, aspiring to a new role, or established in role but wanting to go from good to great. You may have issues with performance, behaviour, relationships, culture or something else you can’t quite put your finger on. Or you have a good team but need to rethink, replan, revise and adapt to stay relevant.

I invite you to read about the organisational development, leadership facilitation and executive coaching work I do and then contact me if you think I could help you or your organisation.

Getting started

I offer a free 30-minute telephone or video call to identify key needs and establish the right solutions or next steps. I will never try to sell a solution you don’t need.  

Likewise I offer a free coaching chemistry session. This is a no obligation 30-minute chat on the phone or video. We’ll cover your understanding and perceptions of coaching, what you want to achieve and generally if we are the right match.

What clients say