Organisational development

At KD Consulting & Coaching, I help you to build and maintain an organisation that is both sustainable and effective. It involves analysing and reviewing the way in which your organisational structures and processes interplay with workplace culture and motivations, and how they contribute to achieving your mission and outcomes.

Once the data is gathered, we’ll formulate a strategy and plan to create a healthy, high performing organisation to work in, that delivers great services and products. By implementing a carefully designed organisational development plan from the very beginning, you will be able to operate a business that’s designed for success.

Underpinned by OD theory, your plan will be full of solutions that work for you and your teams in real life situations and with practical application.

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organisational design

Creating strategic alignment and improving relationships by guiding a leadership team through a service redesign process

What Does Organisation Development Involve?

Each development process is a bespoke project because every organisation and team are different. Taking the time to get to know you, your culture and your business processes, I work alongside as you develop a successful organisation.

Co-working with you and your team, we’ll develop a comprehensive strategy. We’ll also use our vast range of experience to put our recommendations into practical application.

My organisation development offering has a number of elements. Key areas of practice that I focus on include:

  • Developing your strategy and leadership alignment, with optimum performance in mind
  • Defining the organisational climate and culture and ensuring there is a consistent understanding throughout the business, which improves collaboration, engagement, agility, wellbeing and performance
  • Developing your teams, structures, processes and systems to serve your fundamental purpose
  • Improving the performance and quality of your services and teams
  • Working to ensure collaboration, inclusion and diversity are at the heart of how you operate
  • Improving your organisational learning and ability to improve continuously
  • Helping you implement the changes you need to see in the world
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Building a successful organisation